Lakers Fan Celebrates NBA Title Inside Their Own Plastic Bubble On Streets Of LA

lakers fan bubble

Getty Image

Lakers fans hit the streets of Los Angeles on Sunday night after the franchise won their 17th NBA title besting the Heat 106-93 in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. While some fans decided to surround a police car and throw objects at it, one fan took to the streets in rather unique fashion.

This fan wasn’t going to miss out on the celebrations in Los Angeles, but they also wanted to celebrate in the safest way possible, and in the year 2020, that means you jump inside your own personal bubble and roll around celebrating with your fellow Laker fans.

So many questions. Where did they get this bubble? How do they breathe inside the bubble? If there are holes in the bubble, then doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose? Does this person go around LA inside this bubble at all times? Why is the person holding a sign inside the bubble when they clearly can’t hold it up and wave it around inside?

It’s hilarious to think about this fan watching the game on Sunday night at home and deciding that it’s time to bring out the bubble to go celebrate with fellow Lakers fans. Just grabbing the bubble, throwing it in the back of the car, parking the car, and then getting inside the thing to go roll around Los Angeles could be the most 2020 move of the year.

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