Lamar Jackson’s Contract Includes Record-Breaking Signing Bonus

Ravens star Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / Rob Carr

This morning, the NFL’s most drawn out contract negotiation officially came to an end.

Lamar Jackson officially signed his new contract with the Baltimore Ravens that took more than a year for them to work out.

The contract is huge, paying Jackson $260 million over the next 5 seasons.

It makes him the highest-paid player in the league on a per-year basis and the guaranteed $185 million is the second most in the league.

Today, it was revealed that it also contains one record-breaking number.

According to CBS Sports’ Joel Corry, the contract includes a $72.5 million signing bonus, which is the largest signing bonus in NFL history.

It took a while, but Jackson was finally able to get a contract from the Ravens that he was happy with

It didn’t meet some of his requirements that had been reported throughout the offseason, but it still makes him one of the best-paid quarterbacks in the league.

Now he’ll just have to prove the Ravens made the right decision.

Jackson has displayed plenty of talent over the course of his NFL career, but has struggled with injuries late in the past 2 seasons and has yet to lead the Ravens past the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

This season, the Ravens have given him just about everything he could ask for to succeed.

They brought in Odell Beckham Jr and Zay Flowers at receiver. They had one of football’s best defenses last season, allowing the 3rd least points in the league in 2022.

Lamar Jackson has the big contracted he wanted. The Ravens have gotten him the help he needs to contend in 2023.

The Baltimore Ravens will be hoping the big investment they’ve made in Jackson and the roster around will pay off over the next couple of seasons.