Lamar Jackson Went Golfing For The First Time And Had Absolutely Zero Clue What He Was Doing

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Lamar Jackson could use a lot of help on a golf course. The 25-year-old quarterback might have an NFL MVP and two Pro Bowl appearances to his name, but if he wants to make it to the PGA Tour, he has a long way to go.

Jackson went golfing for the first time over the weekend and had absolutely no idea what he was doing based on the pictures that he posted from the round. To try and get some help with his game, he tagged Tiger Woods and asked for some pointers.

For starters, Jackson is right. Half of finding success in golf is just looking good. Look good, feel good, play good, right?

No matter how good or bad a round might be, looking sweet and playing the part is a win in itself. Jackson got that part down, although his hat faces three different directions in three different photos.

Once you get the wardrobe down, it’s time to turn the focus to actually playing golf. That is where Jackson needs some help.

In the photos that he posted, one in particular stands out. He is using an iron and a tee on the green.

Someone needs to get him a putter.

From there, Jackson can turn his focus to making solid contact, finding the right reads, and all of that. He received multiple offers to help him out, including one from Derek Carr.

Despite his lack of knowledge with the sport, Jackson claimed to have played pretty well. So well, in fact, he might start golfing more often.

After getting roasted for his lack of putter online, Jackson will know better next time. No tees or irons on the green.