Lamar Jackson Talked About Getting Hounded By Thirsty Agents, His Health, And Goals For Next Season

Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens quarterback

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After finalizing his massive contract, Lamar Jackson officially became the highest-paid player in the NFL.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday, Jackson was asked about his contract, health, and expectations for next season now that the contract negotiations are in the rearview mirror.

The $260 million man received an NFL record $72.5 million signing bonus. With money like that comes the absolute highest expectations from the team and fanbase. The signing bonus is also spectacular because it reportedly contains both a no-trade and no-tag clause.

Lamar Jackson On Being Hounded By Thirsty Agents

When asked about the lead-up to his record-setting contract, Lamar Jackson admitted that he was being hounded by agents. He told Ravens reporter Sarah Ellison they were tracking down his phone number:

There were A LOT of cold takes about Lamar Jackon’s agent situation that went viral after he signed his $260 million contract.

Speaking about representing himself, Lamar Jackson also said “If you’re going to represent yourself, you have to have a strong mind. I wouldn’t say you get out there and put your feelings in it because it’s not about your feelings … It’s a grown-man thing.”

He also went on to say he “didn’t have a doubt in (his) mind” that the deal would get done despite the process dragging out.

The contract negotiation was contentious at times for Lamar. He tweeted that he’d requested a trade on March 27th. Lamar wask asked about that during Thursday’s press conference but declined to speak on it now that the negotiations are settled:

Lamar On Next Season’s Expectations

Lamar Jackson didn’t shy away when asked about next season’s goals. He told Ravens reporter Sarah Ellison he’s ready to throw for 6,000 yards next season with his current offensive arsenal.

For what it’s worth, the NFL record for most yards thrown in a season is Peyton Manning’s 2013 season with 5,477 yards. It remains to be seen if Lamar Jackson was being hyperbolic or if he actually believes he can break Peyton’s record by over 500 yards.

It’s also interesting given that the Ravens will have a new Offensive Coordinator, Todd Monken, and throwing for a record-setting 6,000 yards in the first season with a brand new OC seems wild. But Lamar has already taken a look at the new offense and likes what he’s seen:

Lamar Jackson On His Injuries And Health

The questions later turned to Lamar Jackson’s health. He told reporters that his PCL injury was healed and that he “probably got better a month ago.”

When pressed on being medically cleared, he said:

Jackson also told reporters that he “asked” the Ravens to get Odell Beckham Jr. and DeAndre Hopkins but clarified that it was in no way a demand, adding that isn’t “how you conduct business.”