Lane Kiffin Surprised An FAU Player With A Scholarship In One Of The Best Ways I’ve Ever Seen

lane kiffin scholarship surprise

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With the exception of clips of dogs being reunited with soldiers after months apart, there aren’t many things capable of making even the most emotionless person feel a little something than videos of college football players getting rewarded with a scholarship out of the blue.

Over the past year alone, a number of coaches have come up with some pretty creative ways to tell athletes their tuition is taken care of, like when an Oregon player’s mom interrupted practice to break the news to her son.

There was also the Bowling Green coach who got his kicker to prove he can nail a long field goal under pressure by rewarding him with a free ride for making one (which had the potential to be the saddest video ever filmed if he hadn’t).

However, it’s hard to top the guy at Texas Tech who got his offered handed to him by Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski.

Lane Kiffin recently decided to get into the surprise scholarship game in a big way when he tried to figure out the best way to let senior FAU running back Gerald Hearns know his final year at school is being taken care of.

At practice on Monday, Kiffin pulled Hearns up in front of the team and proved he has no idea what the difference between yoga and Pilates is while putting the RB on blast for skipping a workout classβ€” even though he was allegedly given a day off for his birthday.

Thankfully, things took a turn for the better when Kiffin asked Hearns to read the stern note the yoga instructor had allegedly left for him.

I can’t imagine what it must feel like to go from being chewed out in front of your teammates to having them swarm you after receiving some of the best news of your life, so props to Hearns for not passing out from the tsunami of emotions that must have hit him yesterday.