Larry Fitzgerald Addresses Viral Clip Of Ndamukong Suh Trying To Claw His Eyeball Out

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Ndamukong Suh and sportsmanship go together like toothpaste and orange juice. Through the first four years of his career (2010-2014), the 31-year-old defensive tackle had been fined eight times by the NFL for a total of $255,375. During Sunday’s Rams 31-9 drubbing over the Cardinals, Suh sparked some controversy once again by seemingly try to claw out Larry Fitzgerald’s eye.

The clip has been posted to Twitter and has since amassed thousands of retweets, with many fans calling for the five-time Pro Bowler to be fined and suspended. Especially for trying to injure one of the NFL’s most well-respected players.

Seems dick-ish.

Welp, in an interesting turn of events, Fitzgerald, the victim, defended “his friend” Suh in a Twitter post.

So classy. So on brand for Fitz to extend Suh the courtesy he didn’t deserve.

Boys will be boys I guess.