LeBron’s Explanation For His Ambiguous Arthur Meme Post Is Passive Aggressive AF

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You ever log onto Facebook after an ugly breakup and see your ex canoodling with some jacked dude with a perfect five o’clock shadow covering a pristinely chiseled jawline? Meanwhile, you’re licking Cheeto dust off your fingers and leaving your number for the Buffalo Wild Wings waitress. Yeah? Me too.

Well, in the landscape of the NBA right now, Kyrie Irving is the girlfriend and LeBron James is you and I, the Cheeto eating loser. LeBron’s Cavs are currently one game under .500 and his ex-teammate’s new beau is a league-best 9-2, currently riding a 9 game winning streak. To add insult to injury, in Kyrie’s most recent game, he posted 35 points, including the game-winning go ahead trey.

So it was no surprise that James’ 95 million Instagram followers connected the dots when the three-time NBA MVP posted an Arthur clenched fist meme accompanied with the caption ‘Mood…’ following Kyrie’s incredible game. He then tried to appear less petty, but only made it worse.

Mood Forever…. đź‘‘#StriveForGreatness🚀

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After James’ Cavs bested Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks last night to improve to 5-6, LeBron (who dropped 30), was asked about the meme. His answer is laughable.

“I like Arthur,” he said after the game. “That’s OK, right?”

First of all, no, no you can’t like Arthur, LeBron. You’re a grown ass man. You never saw Kobe posting the fucking Teletubbies to his Instagram did you? If you just said you’re pissed that Kyrie is performing well instead of being Mr. Passive Aggressive, everyone would respect you way more. You’re insulting our intelligence and I’m personally offended.

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