This Compilation Of LeBron Just Giving Up On Defense In Loss To Grizzlies Is Delighting LeBron Haters

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

LeBron James followed up his claim that he was activating “playoff mode” by leading his team to a dismal loss to the 24-38 Grizzlies.

A tough look, sure. But nothing gives Kobe fans more meat to chew on than LeBron hopping on social media after one of the Lakers most discouraging loss to congratulate himself for becoming the first player in NBA history to be top-10 all-time points and assists.

While LeBron is pumping his own tires, NBA execs are claiming the 34-year-old ‘killed the Lakers chemistry‘ by publicly fawning over the potential acquisition of Anthony Davis.

LeBron’s lackadaisical play at times has become so noticeable that ESPN’s SportsCenter broadcast put together a postgame highlight package that exposes the four-time NBA MVP for taking plays off.

As For the Win points out, one of the best basketball players to ever live is currently ranked 193rd in the league in Defensive Rating at 105.5 amongst players averaging at least 15 minutes per game. It should be noted that at 34 years old and 35 minutes per game for 15+ seasons takes a toll on the body and going 115 percent at all times is unattainable, but this clip goes beyond pacing and ventures into ‘DGAF’ territory.

The Lakers are currently given a 3 percent chance of making the playoffs.

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