Twitter’s Grilling TF Out Of LeBron James Over His Latest Haircut Video

Social media clowned LeBron James over his latest haircut video

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LeBron James is one of the best basketball players in the world, but his hairline isn’t what you call one of the strongest in the world. As all of us have seen over the course of James’ career, the Los Angeles Lakers’ star has been thinning up top, leading to many people just encouraging LeBron to “come home” and just accept his baldness already. Of course, the three-time champ isn’t going to go down that easily — especially since he’s got the resources to take care of it with plugs and such.

While many people have clowned LeBron James about his hairline and have questioned the legitimacy of his fuller hair over the past year or so, the latest video that James posted on social media of him getting a haircut has gotten people on social media absolutely roasting the dude. Take a look at what the four-time league MVP posted recently, which, harmlessly, is just him getting a clean cut.

Funny thing, though, because many people realized that LeBron James’ hairline looked to be back in full force, which wasn’t the case just a few years ago. People want answers, which is why a bunch of folks decided to punk out LeBron on Twitter following the above video; take a look.

Clearly something’s going on with LeBron James’ hair, because there’s no way in hell a dude can go from thinning so badly to looking like he’s been a hair model his whole life. Obviously, James will never come out and admit to getting plugs or a full on hair restoration, so we’ll just sit back and let people assume — while giving him so much crap for trying to act as if it’s real. Man, the Internet can be a dumb place, but nobody’s dumb enough to believe that.

(H/T Total Pro Sports)