LeBron James Reacts To Kyle Kuzma’s Trainer Talking Trash About Him On Social Media

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After the Lakers loss against the Clippers on Christmas day, Kyle Kuzma’s trainer Clint Sparks trashed LeBron James on social media over his work ethic and went on to say that LeBron was scared of Kawhi Leonard.

Kuzma then went on to tweet and delete this message that many felt was him backing up his trainer’s thoughts about LeBron.


Before the team’s game on Saturday vs the Blazers, LeBron was asked about Kuzma’s trainer trashing him on social media and he gave a pretty measured response.

Kuz came to me during practice yesterday to tell me what was going on and that was it. I don’t really care for someone’s trainer, everyone can have their own opinion and anytime anyone wants to get some notoriety they can thrown my name in it and people are going to pick it up….I’ve never met the guy, I don’t know the guy, I could care less about the guy…I wish him the best.

As for his “call a spade, a spade” tweet Kuzma denied it was about his trainer or LeBron.