LeBron James Brings Back Taco Tuesday, Let’s The World Know He’s Still Corny During Self-Isolation

LeBron James brings back taco tuesday

Getty Image / Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire

LeBron James may be in self-isolation, but that isn’t keeping him from sharing major life updates like the one he gave on Tuesday night.

James grabbed his phone, flipped the camera around, hit record and shouted those two words that for some reason people just love to hear: taco tuesday. Yep, that’s right, THE LeBron James ate tacos on Tuesday night.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen James scream those two famous words into the camera. Has he not been eating tacos? Has he been eating tacos and not telling us about it? Did he have to take a certain amount of time off from yelling the two words after catching an L and failing to trademark the phrase back in September?

Sidenote: we as a society don’t talk enough about the fact this man, worth at least $500 million, literally filed a trademark request for ‘Taco Tuesday’ with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

It’s weird, you’d think after all of these months maybe the bit would be funny. Our ear holes haven’t been blessed with him screaming about food in quite some time, but it’s weird, for some reason it’s still corny. And yes, I know me writing about the face of the NBA being corny is corny itself, but I’ve been stuck inside for what seems like two years now.

It goes without saying that the entire world is bored stuck inside during quarantine, James even hopped on Twitter early on in his self-isolation and complained about super important things like not being able to get a proper haircut or beard trim, but maybe this is an opportunity to put the old bits in the trash and come up with some new ones, we know you eat tacos.


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