The Bettors Who Cashed In On Leicester City’s 5,000 to 1 EPL Title Odds Will Make You VERY Jealous

There’s about a 5,000-1 odd that you or I will end up landing a date with a Victoria’s Secret model, so, yeah, those aren’t exactly numbers that anyone would put cash on, right? Well, some people were smart enough to toss a couple bucks at those exact odds before the English Premier League title on Leicester City and it paid off.

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With the English club’s remarkable title today, ESPN’s Darren Rovell wrote an incredible story about some of the fans who stumbled their way into some serious cash—and it makes me fucking jealous as hell that I didn’t waste something like $10 to do the same, because they won a bunch of money.

According to Rovell’s piece, here are some of those fans’ stories.

Leigh Herbert

But what he heard on Aug. 5, 2015 was just too tempting: He was told the Leicester City team was 5,000-1 to win the title. So that night, he downloaded William Hill’s app to his phone, funded the account and put one pound on the bet.

Moments later, he erased the one pound and replaced it with a five-pound bet.

Little did he know that quick thinking could change his life.

“I was a bit drunk at the time,” Herbert now admits. “So no, of course I didn’t think they were actually going to win the league.”

Herbert couldn’t believe the position he was in. He was in line to win $36,500.

So not only was this Herbert guy drunk when he made the bet, but he stumbled into some crazy luck by upping the ante from one pound to five pounds. Bastard!

Karisma Kapoor

“We got to ‘Why not put a couple pounds on it?'” Kapoor said.

So she and her Aunt Simmi put down a pound each ($3 total) to win a potential 10,000 ($14,600).

“I will save a bit,” Kapoor said. “I’ll use some to go on holiday and I’ll buy my brother Champions League tickets.”

A 20-year-old who just happened to place a bet with some family members after talking amongst themselves after the club hired Claudio Ranieri as manager, this is like your or I talking to our friends about who pays for the next round—but ends with nearly $15,000 in winnings for Karisma.

Rovell’s piece also includes stories of three people who either lost money by either breaking tradition of gambling on Leicester City or cashing out too early, which is brutal, so go peep the entire piece on if you want to laugh at some of those sad sacks who are, maybe, even unluckier than any of us!