These Bros Each Spent $300 On A Junker Car And Got Together For A 3-Hour Endurance Race — The Results Were Epic

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Every year on the night before Christmas Eve (aka ‘Christmas Eve Eve’) me and my bros get together and we rent the local trolley to drive us around to look at Christmas lights, sing christmas carols, and be merry…and by that I mean that we have the trolley drive us to the darkest/seediest dive bars in the area while we get blacked out and trash the trolley, singing O.A.R. at the top of our lungs like a bunch of high schoolers (just livin’ the dream). It’s a way for our high school group of friends to get together each year a time when most of us are back home visiting our families, and up until now I thought it was the best way for us to reconnect each year.

Then I came across this ‘LeMelons 2016’ video where a group of bros gets together each year after everyone purchases a $300 ‘melon’ car, or a ‘junker’, and then they race those cars rally-style for three hours. During that three our race they effectively drive those junker cars into the ground, beating the ever-living-shit out of those cars, and it looks like the single greatest time a group of bros can have. I want this experience.

After I finish blogging this post I’ll be emailing my H.S. group of friends, saying this is what we need to do next year. Only instead of an off road ‘rally style’ race I want to invest in something else. Me and my crew are all from Florida so I think it’s only fitting that we get some of those airboats that you see in The Everglades, and we race laps around a like like a bunch of drunk rednecks. If you’re not familiar with the airboats in the Florida Everglades this is what I’m talkign about:

I now encourage each and every one of you bros to share this article with your crew and get your own annual race together, because this is badass and a great way to reconnect with your bros.

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