World Famous Racecar Driver Denied Access To Wimbledon Final For Dress Code Violations

Lewis Hamilton is known worldwide as one of the most dominant drivers on the F1 circuit. With his famed driving talent comes money, parties, and girls, but unfortunately, not access to the All England Lawn and Tennis Croquet Club on Sunday for the Wimbledon final that saw Novak Djokovic defeat Roger Federer to capture his third career Grand Slam victory on London’s grass courts.

You see, Wimbledon strictly enforces a dress code that commands male patrons must wear a jacket and tie if they’re sitting in the Royal Box, which Hamilton had planned to do. This is among the finest tennis clubs in the world we’re talking about after all.

Hamilton was extremely excited to attend the final match, taking to Instagram to show off his tickets to spectate from center court.

But unfortunately for one of Formula One’s biggest names, he was unaware of Wimbledon’s dress code and showed up in a fedora and floral shirt.

Can’t knock Lewis Hamilton’s style here. That outfit looks both fly and comfortable as anything. Perfectly befit for taking in some world-class tennis talent on a summer day. However, Wimbledon doesn’t bend the rules for anyone, even for two-time F1 champions.

A Wimbledon spokesman said: “If he [Hamilton] was not adequately dressed you could infer that he would not have been let in, but we do not comment on our guests.

“If he came without a jacket, tie or shoes he would have had two choices – not staying or going to get some extra stuff.”

Man, that’s pretty harsh, Wimbledon. Hamilton is a pretty damn famous Brit, after all.

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