A Lithuanian Fan Got A LaVar Ball Tattoo He Definitely Won’t Regret Later On In Life

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People who get a little too into sports have a wide variety of ways to express their fandom, including far too many who decide to permanently devote a spot on heir body to their favorite teams. Unfortunately, a lot of these people fail to think things all the way through, which is why we live in a world featuring way too much ink commemorating a bunch of Super Bowl championships that never happened.

There have been attempts to explain why some people are obsessed with getting tattoos they’ll almost certainly regret at some point in life— which basically boils down to an attempt to be unique— and while I can’t say if the Lithuanian man who got a tattoo of basketball ambassador LaVar Ball will regret his decision 27 years from now, at least he’ll be able to say he was the first in what the pessimist in me assumes will be the first of far too many people to do the same.

Ball recently met up with Lithuanian fans Nauris and Normunds Macius to preview some Vytautas team swag Big Baller Brand is preparing to release to the public— including jumpsuits, because it appears the company has its fingers firmly on the pulse of timeless Eastern European fashion.

The Ball family received one hell of a welcome when LiAngelo and LaMelo arrived in the country to play for a local squad, and Normunds decided to extend his hospitality by getting a tattoo of LaVar’s face accompanied by the message “Welcome To Lithuania” next to an older one of Lithuanian legend Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

While I personally would have opted to convey that message with a posterboard or a tastefully designed sheet cake, I’m not going to judge Normunds for his decision. I’ll just let the rest of the world do that for me.

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