Little Leaguer Hits An Absolute Nuke, Bat Flips To The Moon, Then Hits The Griddy As He Crosses Home

Little Leaguer Homers Bat Flips Then Hits The Griddy Crossing Home

Little League

The Little League World Series, as it does every year, has produced numerous must-see moments this summer.

From monster home runs to unique, yet badass, choices of protective gear, the Little League World Series has been a blast to watch.

On Tuesday, during the fourth inning of a tie game between Nicaragua and Panama, Nicaragua’s Luis Garcia came to the plate.

With a 1-1 count on him and two runners on base, Garcia hit an absolute bomb off the Panamanian pitcher who had just entered the game.

It was such a no doubt shot that Garcia didn’t even run to first base, but instead took a few moments to admire just how far he had the the baseball.

Then, with both hands on his bat, the youngster launched a bat flip that would make Bryce Harper proud.

But wait, there’s more.

Little Leaguer Luis Garcia of Nicaragua put on a show in Tuesday’s LLWS game

As he rounded third base and closed in on home plate where his teammates awaited him, Garcia proceeded to hit a nasty Griddy.

Fans, at least those who don’t think of themselves as baseball purists, absolutely loved it all.

Nicaragua, representing the Latin America Region, would go on to defeat Panama 8-1 and next will face the winner of the game later today between Canada and Curacao, representing the Caribbean Region.

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