This B.S. ‘Madden NFL 20’ Glitch Turns A Fumble Into An Interception Resembling Da Bomb From ‘NFL Blitz’

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As an early 35th birthday present to myself, last week, I bit the bullet and decided to gift myself Madden NFL 20, trading in every single PS4 game I already owned to make this the only one I could play. As a Cleveland Browns fan, I was obviously pumped to play with Baker Mayfield as he tosses dimes to Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry, while handing off to bulldozer running backs like Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. So far, I’ve been pretty pleased with the results — Baker has 14 touchdown passes and just two picks in the first four games of my Franchise season.

Sure, Madden NFL 20 is just a video game, but, to many of us, it’s supposed to resemble real-life. Of course, if that were actually the case, my Brownies wouldn’t have gotten spanked 43-13 by the Tennessee Titans in Week 1, but, hey, I’d rather not talk about that embarrassment. And while Madden has always provided a lot of fun in digital football form, as we’ve seen plenty of times, it doesn’t always feel like real football.

In addition to some of the way players look — or don’t look — like themselves, we’ve seen time and time again some of the most F’ed up video game glitches known to man. From WWE-style body-slams to a ton of other random ones, some plays in Madden make the Immaculate Reception look like an every game occurrence.

Thanks to social media, we’ve been able to share some of these gloriously terrible glitches with one another. And one of the latest to hit the Internet is about as miserable as possible, with a fumble resulting in a 50-yard interception that looks more like Da Bomb from the old video game NFL Blitz. It’s hard to describe, so just take a look below and feel the pain of the gamer who got burned.

Can somebody, anybody, tell me how in the hell this happens? Could imagine being on the receiving end of this Madden NFL 20 glitch? It’s definitely a reason to throw your controller through the wall and swear like a GD sailor, that’s for sure. Even worse, what if this happened in the Super Bowl? Or when you were playing late-night with your buddy and had money on the game? Or when you were playing online against a trash-talking teenager? The agony.

Hopefully, something like this never happens to me as I spend countless hours playing Madden over the next few months; because I don’t think I’d handle something like that too well.


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