Madison Bumgarner Explodes In Expletive-Laced Outburst Because He Didn’t Like A Hitter’s Swing

Madison Bumgarner reacts to allowing a home run.

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#MadBum is trending once again on Twitter due to another ridiculous outburst from pitcher Madison Bumgarner. The lefty exploded on Cardinals hitter Willson Contreras Wednesday for the most absurd reason.

Bumgarner’s reaction is now going viral, leading to a major response from Major League Baseball viewers.

The Arizona starter landed his nickname due to both his fiery attitude and come-at-you pitching style as he never backed down from an opposing hitter. That persona was loved by fans when he was competing for Cy Young awards.

It’s grown a bit tired as his production declines.

Bumgarner was an integral part of the Giants’ World Series runs in the 2010s, but he’s not recorded a winning season on the mound since 2016.

He joined the Diamondbacks’ roster in 2020, where’s he gone just 15-32 with an ERA over 5.00.

This year could wind up being his worst as he’s off to an absolutely miserable start to the season. He entered Wednesday’s matchup against the Cardinals at 0-2 with an ERA above 7.00.

Those numbers would soon get worse.

Mad Bum was shelled for seven earned runs in just three innings of work, seeing an early exit in a 14-5 loss. The lack of success didn’t stop him from yapping at his opponent.

In a battle with St. Louis batter Willson Contreras, Bumgarner fired off with an expletive-laced outburst because he didn’t like the way he swung the bat.

Contreras, who’d already doubled off of Bumgarner in the first inning, grunted after a big cut on a Mad Bum delivery. The pitcher didn’t take kindly as he quickly shouted, “Shut the f— up, you p—-. F— you.”

Contreras would later walk in the at-bat, flipping the bat on his way down to first base.

Fans were quick to react to the exchange.

One person wrote, “Bumgarner has nothing left but his mouth it appears when I see his stats.”

Someone else said, “This is getting old for Mr. Bumgarner.” It’s certainly not the first time we’ve seen it from him.

With the loss, the pitcher fell to 0-3 on the season with an ERA of 10.26.