A Guy Tried To Fight Mike Tyson After His Bout With Roy Jones Jr. As If There Was Some Way That Could’ve Ended Well For Him

man tried to punch mike tyson

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Mike Tyson is one of the most formidable forces to ever step into the boxing ring, as he kicked off his professional career by winning 37 consecutive fights in an increasingly dominant fashion, and when everything was said and done, he retired sporting a 50-6 record—although it’s worth noting one of those losses was largely due to the fact that he bit off a fucking chunk of his opponent’s ear.

Since hanging up the gloves 15 years ago, Tyson has devoted much of his time (and an absurd amount of money) to taking care of his beloved pigeons and smoking boatloads of weed, with that latter pastime eventually inspiring him to build a gigantic ranch devoted to marijuana that will be home to the world’s longest lazy river when construction is eventually completed.

Despite turning 54 over the summer, Tyson apparently caught the boxing itch again and released a number of videos proving he’s still an absolute beast before eventually revealing he’d agreed to face off against Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition match that took place over the weekend.

The boxing legend said he wasn’t going to hold back after the two men touched gloves and George Foreman said he was concerned Jones Jr. was setting himself up for an absolute beatdown, but in the end, the match largely saw a stoned Tyson keeping his 51-year-old adversary at bay on the way to a draw on a night where the real highlight was Jake Paul giving Nate Robinson the same treatment Craig did to Deebo in Friday. 


On the plus side, Robinson made a solid chunk of change in exchange for becoming the laughingstock of the internet for the evening, and even though everyone who fought Tyson in his prime knew there was a good chance they were going to get similarly demolished, they could at least take solace in knowing they’d walk away with a paycheck in addition to whatever bodily injuries they found themselves with.

I can’t tell you how much money it would take for me to fight Tyson but it’s certainly more than the guy who tried to do exactly that following last weekend’s bout, as TMZ reports a man in a crowd of autograph seekers challenged the boxer to take him on without a single penny on the line and eventually threw a punch (which failed to land) before Iron Mike’s team stepped in.

The unidentified maniac—who apparently had tried to cause trouble at a previous event where Tyson was in attendance—left the scene before police arrived, but if he had been thrown in jail, I can only assume there would’ve been someone watching his cell the entire time because if that behavior isn’t the very definition of a “death wish,” I don’t know what is.

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