NFL Releases Map Of The Most Popular Players In Each State And It Makes Almost No Sense At All

by 3 months ago
map most popular nfl player state

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Okay, are you ready to suspend disbelief? You’re going to need to if you are to believe this data the NFL released which claims to name the popular NFL player in each state in America.

First off, the NFL did not define what they mean by “most popular,” which might explain a lot. Was it by jersey sales? Was it by geotagged tweets? Was it by Google searches? Did they pull an NFL and just make it up out of thin air? We don’t know.

What we DO know is that there is NO WAY Tom Brady is the most popular player in New York. No. No chance.


No, Tom. Put your hand back down. No one is high-fiving you over this.

Even worse, they have Brady as the most popular player in Indiana. INDIANA? The home of the team that instigated DEFLATEGATE?!

Brady, according to the NFL is also the most popular player in a state which has two AFC teams in the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars. Good one, NFL.


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