Marcellus Wiley Issues Stern Warning Towards Jason Whitlock For Calling LeBron James ‘Ratchet’ And ‘Ghetto’

Over the weekend, LeBron James premiered his new show “The Shop” to rave reviews.

While many enjoyed the unfiltered conversation among athletes, Fox Sports host Jason Whitlock felt like the language was off-putting for someone of LeBron’s stature and even went on to call LeBron “ghetto” and “ratchet”.

The profane primitive and priviliged inside his fantasy shop which was best described as the black billionaires barbershop. LeBron’s shop was what Donald Trump must imagine a black barbershop is like everyone is cursing and dropping the N-Word and there’s a token white liberal soaking it in and feeling the coolest person in the room because black people are confortable being ignorant in front of him. Twitter absolutely loved LeBron being this ratchet and ghetto.

Of course fans on Twitter were annoyed with Whitlock’s take.

Marcellus Wiley, who set to co-host FS1’s Speak For Yourself with Whitlock in September, issued a stern warning towards his colleague.

h/t TotalProSports