Oh Man, Marshawn Lynch’s Unexpected Appearance On ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Was Some Fantastic Television

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Marshawn Lynch may have been almost completely silent during most of his NFL career, but now that he’s retired he seems to be having the time of his life talking to people.

Let’s recap. In just the past few months alone, Lynch has crashed some tailgate parties, almost ran over the band with a cart at a Cal game and appeared on Running Wild With Bear Grylls.

In that time Lynch has shown that in addition to being a beast on the football field he is also, surprisingly, a quality entertainer.

Which is why, I assume the folks over at Brooklyn Nine-Nine thought it would be a great idea to have Lynch do a cameo on their show. And they were 100% correct.

Appearing as himself, Lynch supposedly witnessed a car crash in which a bunch of prisoners were able to escape custody. And his description of the events to Detective Rosa Diaz is goddamn hilarious.

Check it out…

Man, just imagine how big Lynch would have been if he could have just combined his football skills with this ability to be funny WHILE he was playing. Because this Marshawn is so much better than the one who only said, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

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