Matt Barnes Invites Kwame Brown To Podcast, Says He’s Willing To Fight Brown If He Has To

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  • Kwame Brown goes viral for going on fiery rants directed at Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, Gilbert Arenas and Stephen A. Smith
  • Matt Barnes responds by inviting Kwame Brown to join “All The Smoke” podcast to hash things out
  • Kwame Brown goes on another rant bashing Matt Barnes
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Matt Barnes has issued a response to Kwame Brown and he wants all the smoke.

For the past three days, Brown has gone a rampage blasting Stephen A Smith, Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson and Gilbert Arenas for talking about him.

Brown has been particularly disrespectful towards Barnes in his rants where he’s brought up the fact that Derek Fisher is in a relationship with Barnes’ ex-wife.

Derek Fisher done opened the doors to your house, to your truck, you b*tch ass n***** send some gas money so he can pick those kids up.

The only joke you got is about basketball, I got a joke about your life, you punk b*tch, what is Derek Fisher is he the mentor or the stepdaddy? or what? Cause he’s your mentor too you punk.

On Wednesday Barnes responded by inviting Brown to “All The Smoke” podcast to hash things out and said that he would be down to fight Brown if need be.

Come on All The Smoke, come talk your shit face to face, you have a story to tell obviously, you’re hurt, you can play it off with humor but you’re hurt and I get it…come on the show we’ll be in Atlanta next month, we can come to you, if me and you gotta box before, during, or after, and shake hands to get this shit done, you know I’m always with the shit, but come tell your story and get that shit off your chest.

Update: Kwame is not interested in appearing on “All The Smoke” podcast

“Everybody already seen you ain’t want no smoke and now you ready to go to the screen and be a crash dummy, ‘S***, if you want we can box and we can do this.’ Anything to save that little bitch ass show. N****, shut yo’ bitch ass up,” Brown said on Instagram minutes ago.
“I’ma let your show fizzle out, because I’m not gon’ help you get no rating, punk ass n***a.”