This Video Of Matt Patricia Dodging NINE Straight Questions About The Malcolm Butler Benching Will Infuriate Patriots Nation

by 12 months ago

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Imagine you have a girlfriend. I know, it’s going to take a momentary suspension of reality (Jk, bro. You’re a catch.) You and your girlfriend–lets call her Cheryl–are happy as can be. You two kiss in public, do date nights, she laughs at your jokes and lets you hang out with your friends. You’re basically living out a real life Nicholas Sparks novel.

Then, one day, before you two are about to go to pottery class, she breaks up with you. Just like that. To add insult to injury, she admits she’s leaving you for her personal trainer, Chet, who is a bit taller and bulkier, but who’s also named Chet.

Imagine the confusion you’d feel. The bewilderment. Things were SO good.

That feeling is what hundreds of thousands of New Englanders are feeling this very moment. And will for the foreseeable future.

Bill Belichick and Matt Patricia benched arguably their most dynamic defensive playmaker in the biggest game of the year. Malcolm Butler had played 98 percent of the snaps in the regular season and zero defensive snaps in the Super Bowl. And for what? To give up 41 points and 538 yards of offense.

I mean, scapegoating is for the weak, but holy shit. Absolutely befuddling.

And Patriots Nation still doesn’t have a sufficient answer for it. And probably never will.

New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was asked nine times at his press conference why Malcolm Butler didn’t play a snap at cornerback in the Super Bowl. Nine. He skirted the issue every time.

Here are Patricia’s “answers” to the nine questions, as transcribed by MassLive: