Watch This Sexy Pro Surfer From France Go Surfing In High Heels To Prove That Female Surfers Are Badasses

A few days ago this video emerged showing sexy pro surfer Maud Le Car, ranked #15 in the world, putting on high heels and shredding some waves to show the world that surfing isn’t just about glamour for women surfers, and that it’s one of the most physically demanding sports in the world.

While I fully get the point she’s trying to make with this video it is very tough to overlook the fact that she’s a stunningly gorgeous woman. I 100% agree with the sentiment that women who are pro surfers are overly sexualized in order to make the sport more marketable (the same thing happens with the LPGA), but we’d be fools to deny the fact that Maud Le Car is an absolutely beautiful woman, surfing or not.

Before we get to some pictures from her Instagram I want to share the description from the YouTube video above, that way you bros at least know what this is all about:

Being a sexy pro surfer is one thing and being a skilled and accomplished pro surfer is another…
Pro surfer Maud Le Car wants you to know that female pro surfers can look glamor and talented at the same time. She wants to prove that surfing is not just about glamor. Surfing is one of the most physically demanding sports there today.

Again, I feel the need to reiterate that we’d all be fools to overlook the fact that Maud Le Car is a 10. Just check out a few photos from her Instagram feed and you’ll see what I mean:

But enough about her looks, if you’re curious (like I was) about how she’s fared on the World Surf League you can check out her results by clicking here (her best results so far this year is a 3rd and two 5th place finishes).