Max Homa Throws The ‘Sport’ Of Golf Under The Bus

golfer Max Homa at Riviera

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PGA Tour golfer Max Homa just rose in the Official World Golf Rankings, climbing from 17th at the end of 2022 all the way to 8th with a runner-up finish at Riviera.

Following the West Coast run, Max Homa made his first-ever appearance on Pardon My Take as well as stopping by to speak with the Bussin’ With The Boys crew. One topic of conversation was whether or not golf is a sport.

Max Homa kind of throws golf under the bus here. He acknowledges that it feels good when his ‘real athlete’ friends are sore after golfing but thinks it’s not in the realm of mainstream ‘sports’.

Max Homa: is golf a sport?

Whether or not golf is a sport is subjective. But the Oxford English Dictionary and other dictionaries have pretty reliable definitions of ‘sport’.

OED defines it as “An activity involving physical exertion and skill, esp. (particularly in modern use) one regulated by set rules or customs in which an individual or team competes against another or others.”

From where I’m sitting, golf is a sport. It’s not a contact sport and doesn’t require extended bursts of energy in the same way as the NBA or NFL, but that doesn’t take anything away from the skill and athleticism required to be good at golf.

The argument against golf being a sport had more weight before the arrival of Tiger Woods. He brought a level of athleticism to the sport of golf that hadn’t been seen before and every other golfer on the PGA and European Tours had to get into shape if they wanted to catch him.

The flip side of this is if Max Homa came out swinging with ‘OF COURSE golf is a sport’ and started listing off the reasons why then he’d get torched. It’s one of those hot button topics people love to pick apart and there’s really no answer because it’s entirely subjective.

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