Max Kellerman Starts His New ESPN Radio Show In Perfect Style With His Mic Turned Off

max kellerman espn radio mic turned off

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  • Max Kellerman had quite the debut on his new ESPN radio gig.
  • The longtime co-host of ‘First Take’ made his latest debut for the network on Tuesday morning.
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Max Kellerman lasted five years next to Stephen A. Smith as a co-yeller on ‘First Take,’ but his run on the show officially came to an end at the end of August. The 48-year-old got bumped from TV to radio with the network and made his debut on the airwaves on Tuesday morning.

Things could have gone better.

Kellerman is joining forces with Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams on ESPN’s national morning radio show and as Tuesday’s episode got underway, Johnson’s mic was the only one working. Kellerman and Williams were having some sort of back-and-forth, but nobody could hear them.

Someone, maybe Kellerman himself, forgot to turn on his mic. Turning on a mic is pretty essential for radio. Nevertheless, it made for a stellar, awkward debut for Kellerman on ESPN radio.

Couldn’t have drawn it up any better myself.

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