Max Scherzer Got Violently Abused By His Teammates During A Mid-Game Interview


National League Cy Young favorite Max Scherzer was kind enough to give an in-game interview to ESPN during last night’s contest. His teammates were nice enough to treat him with flagrant disrespect in a situation where he had to keep his cool.

It made for entertaining television.

[mlbvideo id=”232089183″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

Kudos to the fireballer for keeping his wits even in the face of a sunflower seed shower, eye-black application and force-feeding. A lesser man would have ripped off his headset and smashed it into a thousand pieces. Adrian Beltre would have straight-up killed the person touching his head. Then they’d have to cancel the season.

The real takeaway here is that the baseball season is a marathon and dudes are bored. Like, really bored.

[H/T: MLB]