UFC’s Michael Bisping And Marvin Vettori Race To Choke Out Steve-O And Stevewilldoit The Fastest

Steve-O and Michael Bisping

Getty Image / Louis Grasse / PxImages / Icon Sportswire

Prior to the matches at UFC Las Vegas 73, two gentlemen by the name of Steve got choked out in The Octagon.

It is unclear who the real winner is here, at least amongst the Steve’s. YouTuber Stevewilldoit and Jackass legend Steve-O stand still as former UFC champion Michael Bisping and current middleweight contender Marvin Vettori race to see who can choke out a Steve faster.

It’s really unclear if Vettori, aka The Italian Dream, or Bisping wins. Because as both Steve-O and Stevewilldoit begin to blackout from being choked by the UFC fighters the camera zooms in on Steve-O.

The rear naked choke from Michael Bisping starts at about 4:56 and Steve-O is OUT by about 5:07 or 5:08, it’s not clear specifically when the lights turn off upstairs.

You have to love that Steve-O wakes up with a huge smile on his face. The man just got choked out by one of the greatest UFC fighters of all-time and he wakes up smiling ear-to-ear.

Steve-O then immediately goes in for the hug with Bisping who says he was ‘scared to death’ because Steve-O started convulsing during the competition.

Martin Vettori then joked that he’s never in his MMA career done a choke out like that. Normally he’s fighting someone in The Octagon who is fighting back desperately. He was blown away how smoothly he was able to choke out YouTuber Stevewilldoit whose lights went out in an instant.

On Instagram, Steve-O thanked Bisping for choking him out. Michael Bisping replied “thanks man. Always a laugh with you.”

Some people wondered if it was drool or a tear when Steve-O went out. Another person commented “You’re a legend. You can stop risking your life now” after seeing Steve-O get choked out.