Michael Phelps Magnificently Broke Down The Viral Masters Moment Of Him Photobombing Tiger Woods

Michael Phelps On The Moment He Photobombed Tiger Woods At The Masters


Rare is the moment in when two GOATs in different sports appear together in one setting the way 23-time gold medalist Michael Phelps and 15-time major winner Tiger Woods did on Sunday during the Masters at Augusta National.

When it happened, partly because it is so rare, the internet was sent into a frenzy with people offering commentary and creating fantastic memes.

On Wednesday, Phelps was finally tracked down by NBC Sports and Today so we could find out exactly what was going with the two GOATs on the 16th hole in Augusta.

First off, Phelps being at the Masters at all was a last-minute thing that only people with his kind of cache have happen to them.

“A mutual friend is a member. A buddy of mine called me Monday before the Masters [week of the Masters],” explained Phelps. “I have a ticket? Do you want to go? I have a plane. Do you want to go? I was like, awesome, I’m going to the Masters for the first time.”

Naturally, when he got there one of the first things Phelps did was visit John Daly at his trailer.

As for how it felt to be there on 16 watching Tiger, Phelps said, “I’m getting chills right now. The chance to see that man [Tiger Woods] at that place be able to come back when everybody counted him out. It’s cool because I kind of have an idea of what that feels like, climbing back to the top of the mountain. Having a chance to see him do it on his terms with his kids there, I was speechless for two days.”

So did Tiger know Phelps was there, lurking in the gallery on Sunday?

“I think he knew I was there because I was standing when he walked out of the clubhouse [before his round], and it looked like somebody said something to him about it, like one of the guys walking out with him.”

He also recalled that since the Masters doesn’t allow any cell phones, he wasn’t aware of his presence on the broadcast.

“I think that was probably the most exciting part about not having your phone. You know what I mean?” he explained. “You really get to truly enjoy where you are and seeing what you’re seeing so I had a couple texts when I got back to the house.”

Phelps also discussed his unique relationship with Woods, “I met Tiger in ’04 in New York for a video game launch. Then didn’t really talk to him at all from there. Through a mutual friend, just reached out, tried to do whatever I could if he needed help, wanted to ask questions, bounce ideas. I’ve gone through a lot that other people haven’t gone through in the sports world. I just wanted to support. Tiger is one of my favorite athletes to watch, being a huge golf nut.

“Being able to watch him and how in control he is of every single thing on the golf course. I feel like every step is so calculated and every little small detail he pays so much attention to. It’s something I can relate to.”

Phelps, who has suffered from anxiety and depression, as well as being involved in two very public DUIs during his historic career is truly one of the very few people who can relate to what Tiger Woods has gone through.