Mike Clevinger Puts Astros Pitcher Lance McCullers In A Body Bag After He Tries To Clap Back About Cheating

Mike Clevinger Owns Astros Lance McCullers After He Rips Trevor Bauer

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Little tip for any Houston Astros players out there: shut the f**k up. It’s too late now. You all had your chance to speak. In fact, we were waiting for someone from the organization to issue a denial, but it never happened. And now the organization is without a manager or G.M.

Following Major League Baseball’s decision to suspend Astros manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow (who were then fired), fine the team the maximum amount allowed ($5 million), and revoking Houston’s first- and second-round picks in the 2020 and 2021 drafts, but NOT vacate the team’s 2017 World Series championship, the less said the better.

This is something Astros right-hander Lance McCullers learned the hard way when he decided to clap back at outspoken Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer who decided to do a little gloating at McCullers’ expense after having his Astros cheating accusations vindicated.

Bauer was joined by the by pitcher Mike Clevinger, Bauer’s former teammate on the Indians, in taking shots at the Astros and McCullers.

McCullers fired back saying he was living “rent-free” in either Bauer or Clevinger’s head.

And off we went…

Then when someone on Twitter brought up Clevinger allegedly cheating on his girlfriend and mother of his child, McCullers re-tweeted it with the following comment.

Oh no he didn’t.

It was at that point Clevinger decided to drop the hammer on McCullers.

Bauer and Clevinger weren’t done though.

This whole thing is just getting started too. Wait til we get news on the Red Sox and maybe the Mets.

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