Mike Dunleavy Was an Insanely Bloody Mess During the Bulls Game Last Night

Mike Dunleavy is kind of a badass?

After taking a Chandler Parsons elbow above the eye during the second quarter of the Bulls-Rockets game last night, Dunleavy was rushed to the locker room to get stitched up, while blood was mopped off the United Center floor. With his eye swelling and a bandage hiding 10 stitches, the dude returned to the game in the third quarter to go off with 18 points (and 21 on the game). The Bulls won by 24. ESPN today is saying the night boosted Duke’s “street cred,” (which would be sky-high if all tape of the Blue Devils from the years 2003 to 2009 was destroyed), and Dunleavy is considered the catalyst in leading Chicago to a blowout win.

Joakim Noah’s quote of the night is everything: “Stitches and points. Stitches and buckets… I’ve never seen nothing like that really…. Ten stitches, come back and play the second half the way he played. I like that shit.”