Minnesota State Representative Writes Shitty, Kind of Racist Tweet About NBA Players

Pat Garofalo, of Minnesota’s District 58B, caused a ruckus today by tweeting that no one would notice the NBA if it were to fold, save local cops. Garofalo remains unmoved by arguments that state the NBA’s arrest record is around the same as the general population’s, and suffice it to say, he probably won’t be visiting the Timberwolves’ locker room any time soon.

The tweet was the third story on SportsCenter early this morning and it’s everywhere online today. It’s clearly touched a nerve. But maybe we should have a little perspective: Garofalo is a nobody, both nationally and statewide—he’s just one of 134 Minnesota state representatives—and shock jocks like Colin Cowherd have said just as racially coded shit before.

Anyway, Garofalo has been appropriately shamed today. Maybe now he can go back to the land of irrelevance.