Amateur MMA Fighter Lands A Devastating Knockout Head Kick That’s Being Dubbed ‘The Most Violent Since Holm Vs. Rousey’


Nothing gets the heart racing like a good knockout video. Like this one. Or this one. Or this one.

The latest notable knockout comes at the foot of Finland’s Jenni Kivioja. The 30-year-old, of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (the organization trying to get MMA into the Olympics), caught Sweden’s Jessica Forslund Reis with a fight-ending kick to the chin at 2:38 of the first round of their women’s featherweight bout during the 2018 Senior European Championships from Bucharest, Romania, on June 20.

MMA Mania dubbed the strike “the most violent head kick knockout in WMMA since Holm v Rousey”.

Drums up some nostalgia…

The fight was Kivioja’s first of three on the weekend. She’d go on to beat Italy’s Fabiana Giampa in the semis before losing in the finals via decision to Germany’s Julia Dorney.

That kick is something she’ll have forever.

[h/t MMA Mania]