NFL Fans Were Overjoyed At The News That The Cowboys Are Trying To Get Jason Witten Back On The Field


If you’ve watched Monday Night Football at all this season, you’ve probably felt like the broadcast has failed you. Look, I’m not trying to take a shot at the three-man team of Joe Tessitore, Jason Witten and Booger McFarland, but, sheesh, these guys interrupt NFL games with more senseless jargon than my grandmother trying to watch a football game β€” and football fans have let them know it by taking to social media, seemingly, every week.

Well, there was a bit of rejoicing today on social media for Jason Witten and the Monday Night Football crew after news broke that Witten’s old team, the Dallas Cowboys, is trying to persuade him to return to football and give up the whole broadcasting thing. Here’s the news from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

According to the story from Schefty, league sources said that Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett “has made multiple attempts this season to get former Dallas tight end Jason Witten to come out of retirement and help the Cowboys in their postseason push.” However, Witten has resisted any temptation to return to the field.

Still, the news itself that the former tight end might have a chance to get out of the Monday Night Football booth brought on some hilarious Twitter reactions, with fans who were more than welcome to hold the door for Jason Witten as he exited the booth. Take a look at some of the savage replies.

I kind of feel bad for Jason Witten because, well, talking about sports for 3.5 hours on a nationally-televised program like Monday Night Football isn’t easy. Actually, nevermind, considering most NFL fans do that with a cold beer in their hands while at a bar or with buddies in an apartment, Witten should be so much better. His analysis is terrible and he delivers his points without much confidence that it’s painful to watch and listen to.

Man, c’mon, ESPN, bring back Dennis Miller or Tony Kornheiser, at least they were more entertaining.

(H/T FTW.USAToday)