Completely Bizarre Version Of ‘Baby Shark’ FOX Played During Game 2 Of The World Series Is Nothing But Bad News For The Nationals

washington nationals baby shark

Getty Image / Alex Trautwig

During Wednesday night’s Game 2 of the World Series in Houston, the Nationals throttled the Astros 12-3 to jump out to a 2-0 lead in the series as it now heads to D.C. All is good in Nationals land, they just went into Houston and outscored the ‘Stros 17-7, but there’s something Nats fans need to worry about thanks to FOX.

See, the Nats adopted the banger that is ‘Baby Shark‘ as their official anthem and it’s worked out pretty well thus far. It’s Gerardo Parra’s walk-up song so the fans sing and dance to the song whenever he comes to bat, but it’s also taken a life of its own throughout the game.

You may be someone that hates the song as much as you hate people that FaceTime in public without headphones (truly the worst thing in 2019) but it is catchy, it’s simple and everyone on the planet knows it.

They know at least one version that is, but FOX decided to play some really bizarre version of the tune during Game 2.

Joe Buck describing the song as ‘haunting’ is something else, and true actually, with that version of the song. How in the hell did an entire production team at FOX not catch onto the fact that version was completely wrong? I’m pretty positive that was the first time people’s ears have ever been exposed to that version of the song.

Absolutely nothing good can come of this for the Nationals, by the way.

The song was played with just four outs left in the game and the Nats up 10 runs so we didn’t have a chance to see the voodoo this song can do to this team, but we’ll have to point the fingers at this exact moment if the Nats can’t close out this World Series.

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