UPDATE: One Team Is (No Longer) Reportedly Standing Out In The Chase For Free Agent Quarterback Derek Carr

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NFL quarterback Derek Carr is a fascinating player.

Make no mistakes about it, Carr is an immensely talent player.

You don’t make four Pro Bowl appearance by accident. But he’s firmly in the tier of quarterbacks that are good enough to win you a lot of games, but may not be good enough to win you the biggest game.

And so here Carr sits, nine years into his NFL career and at age 31, without a team and trying to figure out a very important next step.

He’s currently a free agent after being cut by the Las Vegas Raiders. Carr has no shortage of suitors, with the New York Jets, New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers all reportedly at the front of the back.

New York and New Orleans appear to be pushing hardest to land Carr’s signature. But ultimately it will be his choice where he plays out potentially the end of the NFL career.

And according to the latest report from ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Carr has one team that’s leading the way.

While the #Panthers and #Saints remain in the conversation for Derek Carr, the former Pro Bowl quarterback has a slight lean toward the #Jets as his next home as of now, per source. Nothing is final, but Jets — who are linked to Aaron Rodgers — have made an impression,” Fowler said in a tweet.

It’s no surprise to see the Jets leading the way in the race for Carr. They’ve made him a priority ever since and even before he hit the open market. But whether he can actually sign for them at the moment is up for debate.
New York is reportedly also interested in a potential trade for four-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers. If the Jets can work out a trade with the Green Bay Packers for the superstar signal caller, Carr may well be left to determine his next best option.
UPDATE: The NFL, ever changing as it is, has thrown a curveball shortly after this was published. Carr is now reportedly expected to sign for the New Orleans Saints in a shocking turn of events.