Social Media Rips The NFL After It ‘Firmly Backs’ Taunting Call On Bears’ Cassius Marsh

nfl addresses taunting call bears steelers social media reaction

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  • The NFL is standing by its controversial taunting call during the Bears-Steelers game on Monday night.
  • Fans were quick to call out the league on social media following the news.
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The NFL’s new taunting rules have been a talking point every single week of the season. While the majority of fans and players despise the new rules, the NFL is standing firm in its efforts to ‘clean up the game.’ A referee tossing a flag for taunting was yet again a major takeaway on Monday night during the Bears-Steelers matchup.

And to absolutely no surprise, the league is fully backing the official, Tony Corrente, and not the player.

During the fourth quarter of the Monday Night Football matchup, Chicago’s Cassius Marsh was penalized for staring at Pittsburgh’s sideline while perhaps saying a few words.

Things got even more bizarre when Marsh ran toward his own team’s sideline as Corrente appeared to hip-check him while putting out the flag to call the taunting penalty. Corrente was clearly excited to toss the flag as you can see him hold his hand up as if he just hit a game-winner, as Will Brinson of CBS Sports pointed out.

To say the taunting call was controversial is putting things lightly, but nevertheless, the NFL is sticking with it.

According to Mark Maske of The Washington Post, the NFL “fully backs” the taunting call on Marsh.

After the game, Marsh did not hold back in calling out the official.

“I got hip-checked by the ref and it’s pretty clear. If I were to do that to a ref or even touch the ref, we’d get kicked out of the game and possibly suspended or fined… I just think that was incredibly inappropriate,” Marsh explained.

NFL fans were quick to call out the league for sticking by the taunting call: