NFL Bettors Rejoice After Taking Down The Sportsbooks For The First Time This Season

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NFL bettors have done it. For the first time in 2022, the NFL sportsbooks have reported a losing Sunday following the football slate. A major Monday matchup still remains between the 49ers and Rams, but for now, it appears that bettors have gotten the best of Vegas.

ESPN Chalk’s David Purdum posted about those results late Sunday evening, though he did joke that he thinks the books will still be able to open their doors come Monday.

Sportsbooks are reporting a losing Sunday, their first of the NFL season. I expect them to somehow manage to be open for business for Monday Night Football.

Still, bettors everywhere can take solace in handing the oddsmakers a deficit over the weekend.

The key matchups that helped gamblers land that huge W? Wins from the Chiefs and Cowboys certainly helped. Those were two of the three most ticketed teams of the weekend, with the Bills also finishing near the top.

The Cowboys pulled out a 25-10 win over the Commanders, covering the three-point spread with ease. The Chiefs looked dominant in a 41-31 victory over Tom Brady and the Bucs to cover that line, as well.

The Bills won 20-17 over the Ravens, causing the tickets to push.

So, Vegas went 0-2-1 on those three most bet upon games at BetMGM. Over at Caesar’s, bettors won big on the Seahawks, Jets, Cardinals, Cowboys, and Raiders. Most notably, the sportsbook saw more than 90% of the total money in the Dallas-Washington game placed on the Cowboys.

Handing the books an L is always cause for celebration. Take a look at some of the reaction from sports bettors on social media.

NFL bettors react to taking down Vegas in Week 4

NFL bettors were quick to react after seeing that they’d taken down the sportsbooks. Check out these hilarious replies following a successful day at the office.

One fan joked, “We finally got them, boys,” after reading the Purdum post. Hopefully, it’s not the only time we see the public land a W on Sunday.

Another gambler posted, “The public ATE this weekend.” It did indeed.

Here are a few more reactions to the massive win.

Let’s hope this trend continues into Week 5. The books have had enough fun.