NFL Fans Mock Tua Tagovailoa After He Throws Terribly Underthrown Deep Pass To Tyreek Hill In Practice


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The Miami Dolphins didn’t do Tua Tagovailoa any favors by uploading a video of him throwing a ball to Tyreek Hill in practice on Tuesday.

After signing with the Dolphins this offseason, Hill revealed that he was excited to play alongside Tua due to the QB’s accuracy and ball placement.

“Tua is one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the NFL, man. His ball placement, getting us the ball in space and us utilizing our speed. That’s dangerous.”

Hill is probably rethinking his decision right about now.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Miami Dolphins released a video showing Tagovailoa throwing a terribly underthrown deep pass to a wide-open Hill in practice.

It didn’t take long for NFL fans to make Tua and the Dolphins over the video.