General Managers Reportedly Want The NFL Draft To Be Delayed, But Roger Goodell Is Sticking To Schedule

roger goodell nfl draft reschedule

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While it feels like every major sporting event around the world has either been canceled or postponed, the NFL Draft is still set to go on as scheduled despite some pushback from general managers around the league. Yes, the league has already announced that it won’t take place in Las Vegas as originally planned, but it is still set on conducting the Draft in some sort of fashion.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Dianna Russini, GM’s have recommended the Draft be rescheduled given the current situation the entire world finds itself in, but Roger Goodell is planning to stick to the original dates of April 23-25.

“General managers are concerned that, in this current environment, with offseason activities canceled and some teams’ facilities closed, there won’t be enough time for player physicals, gathering psychological testing, getting further verified information about the players and some teams having to conduct the draft from home.”

With some team facilities either in or very close to ‘hotspots’ around the country, GM’s pointed out the fact that certain teams are at a serious disadvantage given the current circumstances.

League sources have said it would be a competitive disadvantage to have some teams in their training facilities during the draft while teams in California, New Jersey and other hard-hit areas would be in lockdown and unable to be in their teams’ buildings.

While we’re just under a month away from the scheduled start day of the 2020 NFL Draft, there is still time for changes to be made. The NFL will likely deliver on an innovative way to televise the event next month, but it will be interesting to see how it all comes together.