NFL Officials Refused To Call Obvious Pass Interference Penalty On The Patriots Last Night Even After It Was Reviewed On Replay


The NFL’s pass interference replay system is broken and it’s quickly becoming a joke.

After the New Orleans Saints were robbed of a chance to go to the Super Bowl because NFL refs missed an obvious pass interference penalty at a crucial point in the NFC championship game, the NFL decided to implement a new pass interference replay review system to prevent such an egregious error from happening in the future.

The new replay system gives coaches the ability to challenge offensive and defensive pass interference penalties in the first 28 minutes of each half, with the final two minutes subject to booth review.

Unfortunately, the NFL has overturned very few pass interference calls on the field this season and a play during last night’s Patriots-Giants game highlights the issues with the new pass interference review system.

Watch as Pats’ Jonathan Jones clearly grabs Giants WR Golden Tate by the arm and was not called for a pass interference penalty on the play.

Giants head coach Pat Shurmur challenge the call but it was somehow not overturned which led to people calling out the NFL over the broken review system

The NFL is going to have to address this insanity sooner than later.

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