Fans Are Slamming The Absolutely Crazy Workout Former NFL RB Justin Forsett 9-Year-Old Son Was Assigned

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  • Former NFL running back played nine seasons in the league across a number of different teams.
  • Forsett was a 2014 Pro Selection with the Ravens before retiring in 2016.
  • Now Forsett has a 9-year-old son and fans are losing their minds over the conditioning workout his son is supposed to do for soccer.

Running is the absolute dirt worst.

Take it from this former soccer player turned asthmatic, nobody actually likes running. Even people who like running don’t like running.

But as a soccer player, it’s part of the game. And former NFL running back Justin Forsett’s 9-year-old son is learning that the hard way.

Justin Forsett Shares 9-Year-Old Son’s Insane Workout

Justin Forsett played the better part of nine very successful seasons in the NFL. The Cal product was a seventh-round pick in 2008 and eventually became a Pro Bowl running back with the Ravens in 2014. He retired in 2016 and is now apparently hanging out doing dad stuff, including his 9-year-old son’s soccer workout.

Let’s do some quick math.

Forsett’s 9-YEAR-OLD son is being asked to run a total of 3,600 meters (2.25) miles. He has to do so in a cumulative time of 15 minutes and 10 seconds, and he gets a total of 14 minutes of rest.

That is an absolutely absurd task, never mind that the kid is NINE YEARS OLD. To the surprise of very few, Forsett said that even he failed the test. I’d like to see any 9-year-old in the world who would pass.

Twitter had plenty to say about the insane workout.

Even former US Men’s National Team defender and current FOX analyst Alexi Lalas had some fun with Forsett.

But most just called out the coach who assigned the workout.

In conclusion, ban running.