New Details On Vincent Jackson’s Death Reveal He Suffered From Chronic Alcoholism, Family Suspects He Had CTE

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Two days after the unexpected death of former Bucs and Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson we’re beginning to get the details that reveal what may have caused the tragedy.

According to Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister, the autopsy report shows Jackson suffered from chronic alcoholism and other health issues prior to his death.

Via Tampa Bay Times

We got the autopsy report back that is going to be released today,” Chronister said. “Unfortunately, he suffered from chronic alcoholism. Again, just tragic. We haven’t gotten the toxicology report back, so can’t say with any certainty that was it. But a lot of longstanding health conditions that contributed to his passing because of some alcohol abuse.”

Jackson’s family also has concerns he may have suffered from CTE due to the many concussions he suffered while playing in the NFL.

“This is just speculation, but what the family is telling me is that he suffered from CTE,” Chronister said. “They believe he had a lot of concussion problems. When you suffer from that, you’re not yourself, you’re not your normal self. And they believe wholeheartedly all of these actions are a result of what he suffered while he was playing in the NFL.”

According to the initial police report, family members reported Jackson missing last Wednesday, but he was contacted by police and the missing persons case was canceled. Jackson was found dead in a hotel room three days after speaking to officers about his well-being.