Nick Saban Shares His Unique Recruiting Pitch To Get Players To Alabama

nick saban recruiting pitch alabama

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  • Nick Saban is elite at recruiting and his unique recruiting pitch may be a big key to that.
  • The Alabama head coach recently shared one of his recruiting tactics.
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Nick Saban is undoubtedly one of, if not the greatest college football coach of all time. While he’s a genius on the sideline, he’s also great at recruiting. You can be a great coach, but unless you get the most talented players on the field, you’re not going to cakewalk to winning three national titles over six seasons as Alabama has.

Each and every year Saban and the Tide lose key pieces on the roster to the NFL, but simply plug another five-star kid in and don’t miss a beat. That’s to the thanks of Saban and the Tide dominating the recruiting trail.

Sure, Alabama recruits itself these days given its success over the last decade, but that’s a credit to Saban recruiting – and getting – the right guys on campus to continue the dynasty.

During his weekly radio show appearance, Saban shared what exactly he tells these recruits when he’s pitching them to sign with the Tide. He goes about it differently than you’d probably imagine.

I don’t want you to commit to Alabama, and they look at me like I’m crazy,” Saban said, according to Charlie Porter of 247 Sports. “I say, ‘I want you to commit to all the things that we’re gonna do here to help you be successful as a person, as a student and as a player.’” 

Again, most elite high school players don’t need a pitch from Saban to get them to commit to the Tide, but it’s still interesting to get an inside look into what Saban tells prospects around the country.