Nike Unveils New NBA ‘City’ Edition Jerseys That Celebrate Each Team’s History And Community

The NBA is celebrating elements of the league’s 30 franchises with their new “City” edition jerseys. These latest and last edition jerseys each team’s hood as well as the franchise’s history. “With City Edition, we felt like this could be really compelling to make a true connection of, still the organization, but the organization in reflection to their city and their community,” Elesban Montoya, senior graphic designer at Nike told USA Today. “What does it mean to be a Chicago Bulls fan? What does it mean to be a part of Chicago?” Nike’s new NBA City Edition jerseys were made with each franchise’s history and the city’s pride in mind to make a uniform with the “fabric of each city.”

The designers at Nike worked directly with the league and all 30 NBA teams to present the individuality of each team and city. “What we want to drive is authenticity,” Montoya said. “It’s going to be really important to us. So whatever’s the social status, the conversation that’s going on behind the cities at the moment, we want to make sure that we honor that.” The City uniforms will be worn throughout the remainder of this season. Previous special NBA uniforms from Nike included Association Edition, Icon Edition, and the Statement Edition. Let’s hope that none of these new jerseys fall apart during a game. You can see all of the jerseys and the explanations behind their designs HERE.

The Miami Heat City jerseys looks like it was stolen from GTA Vice City.

Did the Memphis Grizzlies jersey designer even try?