Tampa Bay Buccaneer Noah Spence Ate Up To Ten Meals A Day To Get Insanely Jacked This Off-Season

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With the exception of kickers and quarterbacks, you have to be an absolutely massive human being in order to compete in the NFL.

The average player weighs in at almost 250 pounds and stands at 6′ 2″, which by BMI standards would make the typical pro football player “obese” if they weren’t made almost entirely out of muscle.

Virtually every player has some insane workout regimen they used to stay in shape— like Saquon Barkley, who combines deadlifts and box jumps to make at least one of his teammates jealous of his massive legs.

There’s also James Harrison, who is still absolutely dominating his workouts even after retiring.

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Anyone who works out knows you have to bulk a bit if you’re serious about gaining muscle and it appears Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Noah Spence was very, very serious about getting jacked this off-season.

According to ESPN, Spence took his game (and his weight) to the next level by consuming 9,000 calories a day over the course of nine to ten different meals in order to gain 35 pounds to prepare for this season.

He “only” ate nine meals while being shadowed by ESPN and the summary of his day makes my stomach hurt just reading it:

  • Meal One: Two protein shakes (1,400 calories)
  • Meal Two: A bowl of cream of wheat, three pieces of French toast, and mashed potatoes (700 calories)
  • Meal Three: Two more protein shakes (1,400) calories
  • Meal Four: Chicken and veggies with bread (600 calories)
  • Meal Five: Pasta with turkey and vegetables prepared by his personal chef (1,300 calories)
  • Meal Six: Two more protein shakes (1,400 calories)
  • Meal Seven: Steak and shrimp with vegetables (1,000 calories)
  • Meal Eight: Peanut butter and jelly with chocolate almond milk (500 calories)
  • Meal Nine: One more protein shake for the hell of it (700 calories)

Based on this picture, he certainly did something right.

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He might not have anything on the diet Michael Phelps adopted a decade ago but you have to respect the effort.

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