Obama Gives Steph Curry Shooting Tips And Owns Him In Connect Four

I feel like Obama has had the presidential equivalent of senioritis for about two years now. Is he ever even in the oval office anymore? He was on the new Bear Grylls show a few months ago. There’s no way that took under a week to film. A president out of office for over seven days? Obama’s become like an absentee father on the grandest scale.

Curry’s visit to the White House was to help support My Brother’s Keeper, a mentorship program started by Obama. Do I fully believe that Curry even remotely had any interest in the shooting tips that Obama had to give him? No. And yes, I know that Obama played basketball growing up and still balls in his free time, but just because he can beat the White House butlers at H-O-R-S-E doesn’t mean he can give Steph “I’m allergic to missing” Curry tips on how to shoot the ball. However, Curry could use some tips on playing Connect Four, because he apparently blows at that.

Curry Connect 4


Good Lord. Abysmal. Stick to making threes, Steph, because you have no future in anything involving the number four.