NFL Insider Suggests Odell Beckham Jr.’s First Knee Surgery With Browns Was Botched

NFL Insider Suggests OBJ's First Knee Surgery May Have Been Botched

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  • Ian Rapoport suggests Odell Beckham Jr.’s knee surgery while with the Browns may have been botched.
  • OBJ is coming off of another knee surgery after his knee injury in the Super Bowl with the Rams.
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Odell Beckham Jr. falling to the field with a torn ACL early in the Super Bowl was a tough scene to watch. He opened up the Los Angeles Rams’ scoring in their win and was causing fits for the Cincinnati Bengals’ defense before going down with injury.

The story ended with OBJ earning a Super Bowl ring, but it also came with yet another knee surgery for the wide receiver. Going under the knife is never a great thing, but in this case, it may have been for OBJ’s sake.

Ian Rapoport joined Thursday’s edition of ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ and explained that Beckham Jr.’s recent knee surgery “corrected a previously bad surgery from a couple years ago.”

OBJ suffered a torn ACL in his left knee, and had surgery, while playing for the Cleveland Browns.

Rapoport went as far as to say that the Rams were worried about his knee before signing him to a one-year deal in November of 2021.

“The knee was a concern because it was not 100 percent healthy, and I don’t believe they would have given him a long-term deal just based on the knee because it was troubling,” Rapoport said.

“This past surgery went really well, and he probably is going to have extended his career just because of his recent surgery.”

OBJ is an unrestricted free agent at the moment, but will certainly land with a team prior to the start of the 2022 NFL season. The Rams are reportedly looking to bring him back on a new deal if the money, and his knee, are right.