O.J. Simpson Thinks Colin Kaepernick Blew His Shot At Getting Back To The NFL Based On His Unprofessional Handling Of His Workout

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Last week, the football world was worked into a tizzy when the NFL unexpectedly announced it would be holding a private workout to give Colin Kaepernick a chance to show off his skills and all eyes turned to Atlanta when the quarterback traveled down south for a shot at redemption.

However, the day itself was host to plenty of drama, as the former 49er decided to change the location of the workout after the league asked him to sign what he viewed as an unreasonable liability waiver and informed him it wouldn’t be allowing members of the media to attend.

By most accounts, Kaepernick managed to hold his own during the showcase, and after it came to a close, at least one NFL executive said he believes the embattled player still has the skills that allowed him to play in the league before he found himself at the center of attention for reasons that had nothing to do with football.

Last week, Stephen A. Smith suggested Kaepernick needed to keep his mouth shut if he didn’t want to throw away his shot at redemption but it appears the quarterback didn’t take that advice to heart, as he took some time after the workout to tear into the owners he believes have conspired to keep him out of the league.

Jay Z was reportedly not thrilled that Kaepernick decided to pull that move and it appears the same can be said for O.J. Simpson, as The Juice addressed the situation in a video and suggested the QB dug his own grave by moving the workout and mouthing off.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I was encouraged when I heard he was going to get this tryout. I figured he could get back in the league but I don’t feel that way today.

When you’re being interviewed for a job—or getting a job tryout—you don’t come out swinging and you do it on the employer’s terms, not on your terms. He seemed a little angry yesterday.

Today, I’m not encouraged. I really don’t see him getting back into the game.”

As of Sunday night, no teams had reached out to Kaepernick’s camp about a possible contract, and while there’s no telling if his post-workout comments served to dissuade prospective suitors, I have a hard time believing he did himself any favors.

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